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Professional Parking Management is a parking-enforcement solution that offers powerful and user-friendly tools to simplify your parking operations.  We believe that fair parking regulations improve the customer experience and help businesses operate more efficiently. The method of enforcement, however, makes all the difference. PPM’s license plate recognition technology enforces your regulations with zero friction or frustration. It’s the key to running an efficient and scalable parking operation.

What’s does PPM include?

Precision, automation, happy customers,
and a less-stressed-you

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) cameras identify vehicles more accurately than traditional ticketed entry and validation. Never second guess yourself or your customers again, because the cameras don’t lie.

A parking gate with a negation sign over it.
A parking gate with a negation sign over it.

Management Software

Our software is the force behind automating your business, integrating with payment apps, tracking permits, viewing analytics on parking lot occupancy, getting alerts, and more. It works cohesively with the LPR cameras, making for a seamless and error-free system.

App & Software Integration

Our integration team can implement most parking apps into your management system.  Parking and paying will be a breeze!

A parking gate with a negation sign over it.

Save time and money, improve your
customer experience, and grow in revenue.

We serve parking operators of all shapes and sizes within any industry.


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